Contrary to common belief, direct marketing requires just as rigorous and carefully considered an approach as other activities in your marketing chain, if it is to be successful.

As a standalone discipline, direct marketing is somewhat more straightforward than database segmentation. It entails direct communication between your organization and your customers. Many companies perform direct marketing services; in truth, few perform them well. The key to successful direct marketing is that it must be informed by something — knowledge of a specific need, the emergence of an unbeatable trend, the keen understanding of a customer group. Xigent shapes its direct marketing by the last of these, as gathered via database segmentation and consultation with industry advisors. This educated combination of function and form allows us to speak to your customers in a language they understand, and to tell them something they actually want to hear.

Your messaging should be strong, clear, consistent and tailored to the unique values of each of your customers. In using the best of available technology in phone, email, and direct mail marketing, it is entirely possible to send customized messages to differing customer groups at reasonable cost, such that all communications resonate and are well-received, and are thereby profitable.

Target Audience

Our clients who previously handled their own marketing campaigns have discovered that a professionally developed strategy is worthwhile. Xigent is unlike other groups who provide direct marketing services in that: (1) our work is directly informed by customer segmentation results; and (2) we remain focused directly on highly tailored outgoing messages — no incoming response strategies, no SEO management. In other words, we apply unique solutions to motivate your customers to contact you, at which point your professional sales staff are brought into play.

Xigent’s direct marketing materials are convincing in both their visual and verbal aspects — visually appealing such to catch the consumer’s eye, with language uniquely tailored to their motivations and tendencies. Direct communications initiated by Xigent have a demonstrably higher response rate than blanket marketing campaigns; this is something we know and can guarantee.

In its simplest description, Xigent’s direct marketing approach entails saying the right thing to the right customer, the result of which is measurably higher marketing ROI for our clients.

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